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We provide operating advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations

on administrative management issues, such as financial planning and budgeting,

equity and asset management, records management, office planning, strategic and

organizational planning, site selection, new business start-up, and business process

improvement. This industry also includes establishments of general management

consultants that provide a full range of administrative, human resource, marketing, 
process, physical distribution, logistics, or other management consulting services

to clients.

Administrative Management Services:

•   We primarily engage in providing a range of day-to-day office administrative services,

     such as financial planning, billing and recordkeeping, personnel, and physical distribution and logistics.

•    We provide operations consulting services.

•    We engage in administering, overseeing, and managing other establishments of the company

      or enterprise.

•    We primarily engage in administering, overseeing, and managing governmental programs.

•    We provide investment advice.

•    We engage in providing professional and management development training.

•    We engage in providing executive search, recruitment, and placement services.


 Consulting Services we provide:

•    Administrative management consulting services.

•    Site selection consulting services.

•    Business management consulting services.

•    Business start-up consulting services.

•    General management consulting services.

•    Medical office management consulting services or consultants.

•    Records management consulting services.

•    Reorganizational consulting services.

•    Site location consulting services.

•    Strategic planning consulting services.

•    Financial management (except investment advice) consulting services Strategic planning consulting services.

•    General management consulting services.


CHFS Management Services Corporation and Comprehensive Health & Family Services System provide Collaborative Integrative and Coordinated Management Services which are listed below.



*Diagnostic Assessments
*Mental Status Examinations
*Psychological Testing
*Individual, Family & Group Therapy
*Intensive Family Intervention Services
*DHR/DSS Core Services & IFI

*Peer Support Specialists Provider Services

and more............ 


* In-Home Case Management Services

* 24 Hour Crisis Intervention
* In-Home intensive Treatment
* First Placement / Best Placement Assessments

* Brief Intervention
* Parent Aide

* Homestead

* Alternative To Detention Services

* Family Reunification

* Domestic Violence
* Physical and Sexual Abuse
* Substance Abuse
* Conflict Resolution / Anger Management
* Parenting



* Transitional Placement Assistance

* Providing Housing Inventory
* Housing Counseling
* Home Ownership Counseling


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