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Our Wrap-around services cover a large array of employment readiness and assistance, child and family strengthening skills, and overall child support responsibilities and expectations knowledge.  Our wrap-around services provide court circuit facilitation and coordination with partners/partner agencies within the circuit to ensure that each service is provided by entities experienced in the specific service provision. 


Career Development

  • We provide workshops on interviewing, networking and job search strategies (including resume development).

  • We provide services that help in overcoming barriers to employment such as lack of High School diploma/GED, substance abuse, criminal history, lack of transportation, and other barriers not listed that may be helpful to the client .

  • We provide Employment Referral and Placement Services.

  • We create and implement techniques and tracking for employment retention.

  • We create and deliver awareness and outreach activities to promote the program through various media outlets and public engagements.



  • We provide Specific Parenting / Engagement Classes.  We provide curriculum that is evidence based or research informed. 

  • We  Provide Individual / Group Counseling (Peer Support) Sessions.

  • We identify and Recommend Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services.

  • We facilitate and provide Mediation Services for visitation and other parental needs.

  • We facilitate Visitation Services as appropriate to include but not limited to: Supervised and visits Private visits


Community Based Services

  • In Home Services

  • Mental Health Support Services

  • Residential Diversion Program

  • Community Based Groups and Services


         Outpatient Services

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs

  • Polygraphs

  • Psychological Testing


         School Based Services

  • Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT)

  • School-based Support


What is Intensive In-Home Services? 


Intensive In-Home Service is a clinical treatment program for children and adolescents up to age 21 who are at risk of being moved into an out-of-home placement or who are being transitioned back to their home from an out-of-home placement due to their emotional and behavioral needs. The goal is to address and improve the clinical needs of the child and family in order to maintain the family system.


Treatment is provided primarily in the home and at least one parent or responsible adult must be willing to participate and work towards the preservation of the home placement.  An individualized service plan is collaboratively devised with the individual, guardian, and counselor to address problems related to their ability to maintain their behaviors in the home setting.

The treatment is centered on individual and family counseling, communication skills, behavior modification, social skills, anger management, and crisis intervention to include 24 hour emergency response. Case management is an integral part of treatment and includes linking the family to psychological and psychiatric services, medication management, and other relevant services to address clinical and family issues.


What is In-Home Counseling Services?


 In-Home Counseling Services provide home-based family-focused counseling services to children, aged 5 to 17. The main focus of the home-based counseling service is to reduce the displaying on at-risk behaviors, while supporting the mental health needs of your child.  Additionally the program provides holistic support to the family by linking them with outside services that include but are not limited to: educational, economic, vocational, medical, social, and legal services that may contribute to the stability of not just the client, but the whole family unit.


Services offered with Intensive In–home include, but are not limited to, behavior modification, 24 hour on call crisis intervention and response, family counseling, conflict management and resolution, and comprehensive discharge planning.  While your child is in our treatment, you and your family will have access to:

  • Weekly Family Counseling

  • Free Parenting Workshops

  • Specialized treatment interventions based on the need

  • 24 hour on call Crisis Response and Intervention

  • Goals for treatment – as constructed by the family

  • Case Management – meeting with school, social services, etc

  • Conflict Resolution between family members

  • Community Involvement

  • Supervised visitation if needed

  • Comprehensive Discharge Planning



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